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Climate Confusion: Can marketing become planet positive?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Last December 10, 2020, Grey Group Singapore spearheaded a webinar on Climate Confusion: the current role of marketing in the confusion, and what marketing can do to change for the better.

The webinar was led by Konstantin Popovic (Grey Singapore’s CEO) and Måns Tesch (Grey Singapore’s Chief Strategy Officer), joined by other Green Marketing industry experts: Rupen Desai (Chief Marketing Officer of Dole), John Grant (author of "Green Marketing"), Kim Stengert, (Chief, Strategic Communication & External Relations at WWF-Singapore), and Hedvig Lyche (Practice Director of Better Impact and CSR).

Watch the webinar here and learn about the different levels of climate confusion. Dive deep into the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Listen to discussions about how a food company elevates sustainability to a core corporate foundation. Discover the key principles of Green Marketing.

This is just the beginning of our mission to be more sustainable and responsible in our field.

The more we know about the effects and impact we have in the world as marketers, the more we can make more conscious efforts in creating a more sustainable planet.

#ClimateConfusion #SustainablyGrey

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