We exist to put marketing in service of the

UN Sustainable Development Goals.

It’s being sustainable - the Grey way.


At Grey, we believe in creating famously effective work. As a company that uses our talents to bring solutions to business problems in ways that affect culture, positively. This time, we are going beyond our day-to-day, business-building efforts to focus on another calling: helping create a more sustainable world. And as part of our commitment to being more sustainable, we will dedicate our creative and strategic prowess to getting our audiences on-board with our mission to help heal our planet. We will live and breathe sustainability with the Grey filter and mindset.


Our commitment to sustainability has a direct impact in our relationship with our clients, our people, investors, and other stakeholders. It affects how we work and think. As sustainability becomes more important for society and the many clients that we work with around the world, its importance also grows for us in Grey. By putting sustainability at the core of our existence and work, we evolve as a business and as globally diverse cultural changemakers, not only for our clients but for the world.

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